Mini Layer Cakes…

Introducing my latest creation – the Mini Layer Cake Skirt

This mini version of the layer cake skirt is designed to fit a baby to toddler (NB – 2yrs).  With the reduced hemline this skirt allows your bub to crawl, toddle, walk and run without tripping over excess ruffles but still looking absolutely gorgeous! Currently available in four different varieties of owls – I just love the print so have whipped up a few different combinations of the blue owls as well as the melon owls.

As with the original layer cake this skirt comes complete with an adjustable waist accessed through a peep hole at the back of the skirt waistband.  There are two size settings at 50cm and 47cm to allow you to adjust the fit to suit your child as they grow. The smaller size snap setting would suit approx NB – 9 months and the larger size snap setting would suit approx 9 months to 2 years. The elastic is soft, stretchy and non roll.

This skirt is absolutely beautiful on and would make any little girl feel like a princess.


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