Spotlighting My Trademark Adjustable "Snapped Waistband"©

I often find the simplest ideas are the best.  When I was designing my product offering I was thinking, if it was me buying, what would I want? I thought, if I was paying for quality then I would expect to get decent wear out if it beyond the nanoseconds it seems kids get out of most of their stuff.

At the time of my bright idea, I had recently purchased a snap press and was, as my mother put it “snap happy”.  I pondered the idea of snaps placed at intervals along an elastic waistband and trialed the idea on my kids.  First on my daughter’s skirts and next on my son’s trousers. I can say the idea is genius on skirts and pretty clever on trousers.

All my skirts are fitted with adjustable snapped waistbands allowing approximately 3 years of growth.  My trousers the same allowing approximately 18 months to 2 years of growth (mostly dependent on height).

As a bonus my trouser designs actually look pretty smart when the legs become too short as they make my son look, in my opinion, tré trendy with his short longs/long shorts.

© PetitBebe 2011


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