To Market, To Market, To Market I Go….

Today I finished up my Snappy Chappy© Bow Ties with the remnants from the Faith Dress. I have loaded them to my shop on Felt.

As I love this fabric I decided to create myself a market apron from it and I love it!

I have sewn 4 pockets approx 6 inches wide and a small pocket approx 1 inch wide for my pen. I followed a tutorial published on The Crafty Croall. I modified it slightly to suit me and turned over the top as I liked the peek of floral showing.

I did “forget” the straps to start with and ended up unpicking the stitching to add them in but other than that I would say it was a quick and easy project. I definitely recommend to other market goers.

I like mine so much I have been wearing it all afternoon and found the pockets to be very useful with 2 kids on the go and not enough hands to cart everything about. At least wearing the apron I know where the phone is when it rings and don’t spend 8 of the 9 rings hunting for it only to breathlessly answer it as the caller hangs up.


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