So my son is nearly 2 and he has come to an age where he actually has interests and at the moment his favourite thing is cars. Ask him any question and his answer is “car”. So, I went a little nuts in excitement at this new found individualism and purchased him some cute flannelette sheets from K-Mart for $23 a set (I got two sets in single bed size) and set about making them to fit his cot.

First I wanted to create fitted sheets for the cot mattress. With Mum’s help I got into the swing of it and carried on and finished the second one by myself. So Isaac now has one fitted sheet with cars (and bikes and trucks) on it and one with just coordinating stripes.

Second I wanted to create a toddler pillow case for him as his toddler pillow is quite a bit smaller than a normal sized one.  I didn’t want to cut up the pillow cases that came with the sheet set though as I envisage Isaac using them on a normal sized pillow sometime in the near future. So I gathered up the off cuts from the fitted sheets and fashioned a bespoke pillow case for him.  I am quite pleased with it as the stripes I added to the edges make it stand out from the cot sheet which looks nice.

And lastly I wanted to create him a duvet cover.  I cut the single sheets in half and sewed them up with one side cars and the other side stripes. I then added a top stitch approximately 6cm from the edge all the way around to create a snug fit and a bit of finesse in the finished look of it. Finally I added Red, White and Blue snaps to the end to secure the cover.

In total I ended up with 2 duvet covers and 2 fitted cot sheets which is perfect as I can now keep him happy with cars in his bed at all times even when it is washing day and the ‘old’ sheets come off to go in the wash.

Now – I wonder what will be Holly’s first interest?


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