My Gift To You – Free Pattern Boutique Baby Bib

Here is a little ‘give back to the community’ post.  I thought I would share my bib pattern so that all those other crafty Mum’s out there who like to create can use my pattern if they so wish.

The pattern is suitable for approx 6m+ as it is long and covers the whole front of the baby.  I especially like the width of the shoulders as this ensures the face full of food all over the clothes scenario does not happen. Although I am sure there are some bubs out there with the determination to succeed in getting food where it doesn’t belong no matter what precautions have been taken. Lol!

It measures 12.5cm wide half size which you will cut on the fold which means that it will fit into 25cm width (which is lovely when working in meter lengths) as it makes calculating the total length of fabric required off the bolt très facile. It measures just on 36 cms high which again is lovely as most fabrics are 112cm tall which means you can get 3 cuts per 25cm length of fabric. Awesomeness!!!

Download it here or via the widget in the side bar.


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