Sweet Treats for my Friend’s Niece(s)

A friend of mine in Melbourne asked me to make her some layer-cake skirts for her nieces’ upcoming birthdays in August.  The Park Life skirt is for the 7 year old and the Happy Owl skirt is for the 5 year old.  The bibs are for the baby.

I up-sized the standard design for the layer-cake skirt for the 5 year old and added an extra layer for the 7 year old. These skirts will sit just on the ankle as requested.

I have snapped the waist elastic in the skirts in multiple places to allow the fit to be adjusted when the girls grow.

These bibs are larger than my usual size and will suit a 6m+ baby.  They are a great size for feeding as they cover the whole front of the baby and the shoulders.

I designed this style of bib as it irked me that with a ‘normal’ bib my daughter would turn her head with a face full of food and manage to miss the shoulders of the bib and get it all over her clothes.  Let’s see her try with these on!


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