Counting Down…

We are getting our kitchen/bathroom/laundry renovated with the work commencing 15th of August. I am excitedly counting down the days till I can unveil my new domestic goddess self in the form of ‘Home-baked Muffin Woman Extraordinaire’. We are looking forward to the bathroom floor being fixed too.  We are so careful where we stand at the moment as it is very soft and threatening to give way at any moment.

Sadly though the house will be a little messy whilst that all happens so the kids, the dogs and I are retreating to my parent’s home in Whangamata for a period.  I am sure the dogs can’t wait as they love my parents and the beach to bits but I think I might go a little nuts without all my lovely “happiness tools” aka sewing machines, cutting boards, fabric and the like.

However, before I retreat to the seaside township of Whangamata I will be holding a stall at the Devonport Craft Market on Sunday the 7th of August and the Titirangi Mum’s Craft Market on Saturday the 13th of August both 10am – 2pm.  I would love to see you there:-) Look for my lovely big banner to find me.


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