Pimp my Pooch© – PetitBebe’s Newest Range

Whilst making a custom order for a lady in need of a dog jacket I had a flash of design inspiration and the result is my newest range ‘Pimp my Pooch©’. Fitting in with my vision of creating boutique items for your little darlings I have commenced the design of a Winter range for small to medium sized pooches.

The first item in the 2011 Winter range to be released is this gorgeous tartan ‘Shortie Coat’ dog jacket, designed of course, to ‘pimp your pooch’.

With a snap front closure to ensure sleek, smooth lines and adjustable Velcro closure around the middle, this jacket sports all the modern features including a peep hole for the D-ring on your pooch’s harness allowing you to attach the lead.

Available via custom order in sizes XXS – M.

Modeled below in size XS by Miss Pipi.

Size XS available for purchase now in my Felt shop or via the Shop Now tab on my Facebook page.

© PetitBebe 2011


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