The Emily Dress

I have been fortunate again and asked to test the Emily Dress by Sarah of Brynnberlee Designs.

Sarah described her inspiration for her new pattern on her FB page:

I love coming up with new ways to avoid buttons, snaps and zippers and these tied straps are such a great alternative – a little bit different and yet SO easy. Simply undo your ties to open up the shoulders, making on and off is as easy as pie!

I think the tie shoulders are stupendous. I LOVE them. They are easy to sew, easy to thread with straps and easy to tie making getting your little darling in and out of it, well, “easy as pie”.

I think this is my favourite dress so far. I think this is mostly because it took hardly any time to make and the finished look is really nice for the time taken to make it. The cost of materials is only 1 1/2 yards or 1.37m for those of us south of the equator.

I highly recommend you try this dress out for your little darling as I am certain you will love it and it really is easy to make.


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