Construction begins

The beginnings of the new laundry cupboard in the bathroom are being constructed. This cupboard will house the washer and dryer (vented to the outside of course) and will have bi-fold doors across the front.

Today has been exciting. In between phone calls from Dan the builder and Dan the husband we have finally managed to sort out where we want the bath taps.  I wouldn’t have thought it a difficult thing to decide on but it seems that the placement of the bath spout and bath mixer is of significant importance to the overall aesthetics of the bathtub (and ultimately bathroom).  If we had enough water pressure we could of course have had a diverter mixer and not encountered this issue at all. Ah well, the joys of trying to manage a project 2.5 hours away from the action. I can’t even send Dan the husband home early to sort it out as he is away overnight in Christchurch on business.

And to add more problems to the mix, Dan the builder informed us that the wall hung vanity would not be able to be fitted where we wanted it to because we have opted for a cavity slider door and this door is in the same wall where the vanity is due to be hung. The wall hung vanity needs a solid background to be affixed to.  I suggested to Dan the husband we simply switch the wall the cavity slider goes into and voila! Turns out that whilst I was suggesting this pearla of an idea, Dan the builder was speaking with Kendal the project manager (not really sure what he is doing if we are the ones sorting things out) about the very same thing.  So we are having the wall hung vanity where we want it and the cavity slider door in the other wall. Sounds simple right?

I am interested to know what the next ‘drama’ will be.  I cannot “pop over and sort it out” as Dan the builder suggested.


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