The Buzz

The kids and I attended the Mainly Music Butterfly’s and Bugs day on Friday.

I planned a bumble bee costume for Isaac and a butterfly costume for Holly. Being away from home my fabric stash is severely limited so my Mum pulled out some old net curtains (which got turned into Holly’s wings along with some wire from my Dad’s shed) and an old sheet (which ended up as Isaac’s bumble bee tunic).




The plan was to paint the yellow and black stripes onto the old sheet using Resene test pots that Dad had in his shed (such a treasure trove in there) using masking tape to help me get the lines straight (as straight as possible anyway).

Step 1: First I measured the lad and set about creating a pattern from the local newspaper (which incidentally I measured incorrectly so the tunic ended up being around 20 cms to narrow – but not to worry I added some black expansion panels so all good in the end).

Step 2: I masked up and painted on the yellow lines, hanging them up on the line to dry (wondering whether it was windy enough to blow the wet  paint into any of the other clothes hanging up).



Step 3: Once dry I masked and painted up the black lines and repeated the drying process however this time inside on some drying racks as the sky looked a little grey and threatened rain.



Step 4: Once dry I took the iron to it to seal and set it all. Turned out great although somewhat stiff since the paint is really made for the walls on your house not fabric.

Step 5: I sewed it up and affixed snaps to the sides and shoulders to close it. As mentioned above the tunic was too small to fit my bumble bee so I subsequently added expansion panels to each side which solved that problem.




Step 6: I made some wings out of some of the wire from Dad’s shed and covered them in cling film to make them more closely resemble real bumble bee wings. I thought that Isaac wouldn’t really like to wear antennae so I attached them to the wings instead which worked really well.

He looked fab and had a ball.

There were a few other bumble bees too.


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