The cupboard by the window!??

Dan the husband returned home from work on Friday to find the cabinet makers had measured and fitted a wall hung cabinet in our old laundry (now called the utility) right over the window.

At first glance you would laugh at such stupidity but after discussions with the project manager and the cabinet maker the situation is a little tense. It seems the project manager is under the same understanding as us: we were expecting 2 wall hung cabinets but neither of them were to cover the window.  The nearest to the window was scheduled to be 40cm out from the wall/window.  However, the cabinet maker is certain that the cabinets he has custom designed for us are according to our specifications. These cabinets are custom designed and as such have cost us a fortune (over $1000 for 2 wall hung cupboards). And another thing, how did the cabinet maker expect us to open the door on the right hand cupboard? It will open up directly into the light fitting! Honestly! Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Dan the husband and I are not happy bunny’s because we are already another week out of the comfort of our home and apart from each other due to other delays and now we will need to wait even longer for this issue to be sorted out.

I just want to go home and get back to my life.


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