Idiot, idiot, idiot

Seems that the cabinet maker can’t get much right at the moment. The bench top was supposed to arrive yesterday but it didn’t so was definitely supposed to arrive today. As you can see it did arrive but not before causing me a bit of bother.

Around lunchtime the delivery driver phoned me (I was at the park with the kids so didn’t hear the phone ring) and left a message that he needed to know if there would be someone there to help him unload. When I got the message (after I had also been through the supermarket) I phoned him right back and he said I should have called him back sooner as he is out all day on urgent deliveries in west Auckland and has left my bench top at the warehouse as he didn’t hear from me. Argh! Talk about frustrating. I am not the person he should have called – the cabinet maker who is responsible for all the kitchen stuff is who he should have called but he was given my number by guess who? The cabinet maker!  Idiot, idiot, idiot.

So, I call the project manager who promises me that he will sort it out and call the cabinet maker.  Later that afternoon I get another call from the delivery driver saying that he is still waiting to hear from my project manager. I explain that he should have been called by the cabinet maker but alas he hasn’t. I reiterate that we need the bench top delivered today and the delivery driver tells me he can’t and that the warehouse needs 24 hrs notice to schedule the delivery.  Exasperated I simply say it has to arrive today – it can’t arrive any later.  I am not sure whether the delivery driver took pity on me, understood my position or just had a moment of kindness but he said he would jump in his truck in the next 15 mins and get the bench top over to my house provided someone would be there to help him unload. I said I would make it happen. I also said thank you.

So my bench top was delivered around 3.30pm and when Dan the husband returned home this evening he found the less than chatty cabinet maker in the kitchen fitting the bench top and sink. The cabinet maker left the house approx 8pm so a late night for him.

My beautiful shiny new Oliveri sink.






Our bench top is Laminex in Silver Strata.





On another note, the cupboard by the window is now on the floor ready to be altered so that it will no longer cover the window.  I dare not say I am looking forward to the result as I am not really sure that it will be right second time round although it can’t really be worse – can it?


2 thoughts on “Idiot, idiot, idiot

  1. Hello

    I’m not sure if you still get these, but we are working on our kitchen design and I like the little sample of Silver Strata for the cabinetry, but it is hard to picture how it would look on a large sheet. Are you able to take a closer shot of your cupboards and post or email me directly. Also what colour benchtop did you go with?



    • We did end up with silver strata and it looks nice. Would rather have granite but we couldn’t afford that:-)

      On holiday at the moment so can’t take a pic of kitchen but our cupboards were high gloss white. There are finished kitchen pics in one of the later posts.

      Thanks for stoping by:-)


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