Oh when the cat, goes marching in….

On Thursday we had the underfloor heating laid and rendered.  It takes about 24 hours to set and the builder had organised for my husband to enter the house through the front door so circumvent the issue of crossing the wet plaster.

The trouble with this plan was the key wouldn’t open the front door.  I have to take the responsibility for that as I installed the locks myself.  I will have to fix it when I get home but in the meantime Dan the husband had to go through the kitchen door and risk the drying plaster. As you can see from the photo the cat shot in past him marching across the plaster and my husband went splodge into it too.

The bit by the door was dry but the rest wasn’t.  Oh well – Dan the builder said not to worry he would get the tiler to sand it down and tile over it.



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