Renovation Update

Our renovation is still not complete and we are into the 7th week now of what was originally estimated to be a 2 – 3 week project. Admittedly we extended a couple things like the painting of the lounge area but DH and I are well over it taking soooo long.

At the end of the day our kitchen & bathroom look lovely but living in a construction zone with a 2 year old and a 9 month old whilst tradespeople are here, there and everywhere doing little bits and pieces is difficult to say the least.


Today the freshly painted door frames received a lovely smudge and jersey fluff from my 2 year old and he managed to find a number of hazardous tools laying about the place as my eagle eyes (as good as they are) couldn’t see out the back of my head (don’t tell my son that). Not to mention I caught him just in time before he stuck the door keys into a power socket!

The tiler turned up today and siliconed all the edges in the bathroom the WRONG colour so we ended up with the most awful grey lines between tiles and ceilings (I wish I had taken a photo but this one shows the grey colour as it looks against the white door frames) but hours of picking it out later and the tiler has re-siliconed the area white.


The cabinet maker (responsible for the daft cupboard by the window) still hasn’t turned up and I met with his boss today regarding a large number of issues (some big, most small) who was unsympathetic to say the least. He said he would like to do right by his customers but that if he did (what was required) he would be significantly out of pocket. He still hasn’t given us a definitive response on what is going to happen so we won’t hold our breath in the meantime. As far as the little things go he said he would sort them out.

I think if anything could go pear shaped, it has done and to be honest, I have never been overly fond of pears. 


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