Little Man Car Caddy ~ Hot Wheels / Match Box Cars compatible

Introducing the ‘Little Man Car Caddy‘.  I found the inspiration for this on April’s blog – Sewing Novice. I modified it a little – mine has 5 bays for cars and I changed some of the fabric cuts so I could make best use of the fabric I ordered plus I am not really that confident in my applique skills so I used iron on interfacing for the road strips which works perfectly.

Product Description

Available in either Green or White exterior with alternate interior, these Little Man Car Caddies are designed to house 5 cars from the Hot Wheels or Match Box Cars collections.

Made from organic cotton from the Ready, Set, Go collection by Robert Kauffman (designer Ann Kelle) and lined with cotton stripe coordinate.

Each car caddy features 5 car bays and a road surface upon which your little man can drive his car up and down. Each car bay will accommodate a vehicle up to 16 cm in circumference which should accommodate any vehicle in either collection.  I have tested my son’s larger vehicles from both Hot Wheels and Match Box collections.

Ideally suited to car trips and weekend trips away where your little man wants to take his cars and you want to ensure they don’t get lost. Each caddy ties together with a ribbon.  All seams have been serged and topstitched to survive little hands.

An excellent idea for a Christmas gift. Your little man’s mates will love one too!

**Coming soon, car caddies in Alexander Henry design “Rush Hour” exterior with dot coordinate interior. Available for pre-order now.

Designs and Images © PetitBebe 2011


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