Recycle me, reuse me, love me

My DH will tell you I don’t like to throw anything away that could possibly be reused, recycled or re-loved by someone else.

The other day I had a desire creep over me to make a onesie for Holly so for my first attempt I thought it best to recycle an ‘old’ t-shirt. Whilst digging through the contents of our pink bag I found a couple of DH’s old work t-shirts from various promotional activities and thought I would give making a onesie a go. My husband had thrown this t-shirt in the pink bag weeks ago so I ‘rescued’ it.

For my first attempt at a onesie pattern I just traced around one of Holly’s current onesies and lengthened it by 4cm to accommodate her cloth bum.

The binding around the neck and arm holes is the reused neck binding off the original t-shirt. I didn’t have enough to go around the bottom of the onesie so I just used the hem off the bottom of the t-shirt. I actually prefer the t-shirt hem for both the look and ease of application over the neck binding.

What I learnt? That Holly is wider than I thought so next time I will widen the pattern. Length is perfecto!

For my next attempt I widened the pattern I had created by 2cm (which when cut on fold is actually 4cm wider) and added some long sleeves.  The sleeves worked out perfectly but I think the onesie is a little too wide for her at the moment.  So I will reduce the width of the pattern to only 1cm (2cm total) extra. Also, I think raising the leg rise would be a good idea as it would give a little more wiggle room and Holly loves to wiggle!

Once I have perfected the pattern I will scan it and upload it here for anyone to use.  It will be size 12 – 18 months approx since my little girl is tall for her age and wears cloth nappies. Once it is complete I will back-link it into this post and add it to the Free Stuff tab.














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