Vintage look skirts

I am so pleased to show you my latest ‘works of art’. I am super in love with this skirt design (available from Brynnberlee Designs).

These vintage look skirts have been handcrafted from a mix of new and ‘old’ fabrics. They have 3 front panels and a neat fold over insert over the right thigh. Embellished with 3 beautiful flowers and garnished with a chocolate brown waistband and bottom ruffle these skirts are super awesome.

There is one of each skirt available in the following sizes: 2T, 3T, 4T & 5T.

Please note that there is no size 18m available for sale as I have no more of this particular fabric available:-) but if you would like this skirt made to order in a particular mix of fabrics please email me on with details of your request. I have lots of different fabrics available to choose from.

These skirts are designed to sit just on or above the knee and the measurements are included in the table below so you can ascertain which is the optimum size for your little princess.

Top to bottom length
Waist elastic measurement
















Please note that the size 5T skirt has a grey waistband and bottom ruffle which is different to the size 2T, 3T & 4T which have a chocolate brown waistband and bottom ruffle.

All the seams have been serged to prevent fraying and of course to look tidy! The embellishments are sewn on strongly to ensure this skirt is machine washable:-). The bottom ruffle and fold over insert are also secured with a couple of stitches to ensure they sit as intended.

This skirt just rocks on my little 1y/o girl and even my 2.5y/o son likes it (he was used to test the fit for the size 2T & 3T, incidentally he fits both well. The size 3T sits lower of course and that would have been my preference but as he is a lad it is immaterial!).


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