Super Thirsty Handkerchief Bibs

My Bamboo French Terry turned up yesterday and I got busy on testing out my new handkerchief bib pattern. The result is super thirsty and super cool.

With 2 layers of 340gsm Bamboo French Terry, these bibs make great dribble catchers and are super cool in an assortment of gingham check colours.

The neck fastening has a double snap placement to allow for flexibility in sizing. Size NB – 2yrs approx.

Available in packs of 2 for $22. Individual bibs are $12.50 each.

Pack 1: Orange, Blue


Pack 2: Pink, Purple

Pack 3: Red, Green

It is important to note that the design of these bibs is realised after the first couple of washes as the absorbency of the bamboo is activated by the washing and drying process. The more it is washed and dried the more absorbent it becomes. You can expect to achieve full absorbency after the first 2 – 5 washes depending on whether you hot wash and hot dry or not. The bamboo will shrink approximately 15% resulting in a fantastic drape when worn ensuring that the neck is kept dry and the style of the bib is maintained.

© PetitBebe 2012


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