Big Butt Baby Pants

At the Handmade Titirangi Market on Saturday I met two lovely ladies: Rach from Roobit and Natalie from Two Lippy Ladies.  Rach had some cute pants on her table and I asked her where she got the pattern.  Big Butt Baby Pants are a pattern from  If you click on the link you can get a copy for yourself for only $10 USD.  These are SUPER cute and I couldn’t wait to make some for myself (well not exactly for myself). Or if you are simply in the market for a super cute pair already to wear, head on over to Rachel from Roobit and place your order!  Rachel has sizes 0 – 2T available. Grab yourself an awesome pair of pants at an awesome price.

They have an extra panel in the butt area which gives room to wriggle and grove.  This design is well suited to cloth butt babies. If you wanted to you could make any number of changes to the look and feel of them by adding a cuff (as I did) or not, shortening them to shorts, adding pockets (as I did) or not, switching out the panel at the back for a contrasting fabric or adding your own twist however your mood takes you. You will notice that my pockets aren’t exactly a mirror image of each other, this is because I got confused when placing them and measured one wrong.

These BBBPs are a gift for my friend’s recently turned 2 year old boy who I will be seeing this coming weekend.  I just love the dinosaurs and the kiddie in question loves anything lime so I am hoping they will be a hit. I am contemplating adding a Dino-mite! shirt to top it off.

Images © PetitBebe 2012


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