Snuggle Bunnies

Introducing the latest addition to PetitBebe’s shop – The Snuggle Bunny.

Here is the story of the creation of this little bunny:-)

After drawing up a basic image of a bunny I was happy with, I scanned it and converted it to jpg.

Then I opened up my Silhouette software and traced the image, , divided it in half, deleted the side I preferred least and copied and pasted the good side and inverted it so I had a mirror image bunny shape.  Then I offset it to make the lines smooth and enlarged it to the size I thought would make a good snuggle bunny size. I then cut out the image using the silhouette machine on thick paper and used this as my pattern. I did find the angle of some of the curves difficult to negotiate with my rotary cutter but a couple of snips with the scissors and I was on my way again.

My first snuggle bunny below is double sided minky and both sides are the same fabric.

The second bunny was a combination of baby pink minky waffle dots and the black/spots.

The third snuggle bunny was a combination of baby blue minky waffle dots and baby blue soft cotton knit.  I found that the cotton knit when sewn to the minky caused a slight curling effect which is not intentional but interesting and cool none the less.  It looks like the bunny’s ears and paws have a mind of their own.

Overall I prefer the combination of double sided minky the best as it feels nice to rub on your face and between your fingers.

Which one is your favourite?

Design and Image Copyright ©PetitBebe 2012


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