Reversible Bag

I am signed up to a blog that emails me a sewing project every day and today’s project is a reversible bag.  It took my fancy so I gave it a go. You can find the tutorial here or here.  I like pockets so added some before I began the bag construction.

I used some fabric I got in a clearance sale and some that was full price so I estimate that the total fabric cost of the bag would be approx $10. Time however was a little on the high side – approx 2 3/4 hrs. Probably because I have never made a bag before and even though I read the instructions twice I still managed to sew the shoulder straps to those opposite them and not beside them when the tutorial warned me not to. Argh! I did laugh because otherwise I would have cried. So I unpicked and redid the shoulder straps as per instructions.

Here is my finished bag:-) The photos don’t do it justice. I am very pleased with it and am looking forward to donning it to go out to the shops this afternoon!

©PetitBebe 2012


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