The Neck Wrap

Sometime ago I saved this blog post tutorial from Shwin&Shwin – The Plaid Neck Wrap. Today I finally got around to giving it a go.

I thought I would make a nice B&W one for winter.  I loved it so much I made an extra one for my market table to sell tomorrow as well as a brown & orange one which also looks quite cool. I don’t think I am wearing the best colours to show it off but it does look cool and best of all both of them are not scratchy and are lovely and soft on the skin.

Each neck wrap fastens with a single snap which allows the wearer to adjust the angle of the wrap to suit.  You can wear it high up the neck or lower like I have it in the photos. The buttons are decorative only and cover up the snap.

I think they would make an excellent gift for Mum for mother’s day. If you would like one, send me an email and I can make to order or you can purchase either of these ones for $25 each.

©PetitBebe 2012


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