Lined Winter Trousers

My latest project was for my 2y 9m son.  I wanted to make him some warm but groovy winter trousers.

I used a couple of trouser patterns and mixed bits and pieces of them together so I could end up with some tailored (rather than baggy) but lined trousers.

I mixed the Reversible Knit Baby Pants pattern by Shwin&Shwin with another pattern I created some time ago called the Skinny Pants and ended up with lovely warm flannelette lined cotton trousers. I just eyeballed my son and guessed his sizing and it turned out well.  I will make the pattern a little larger for the next time I make it though so he has ‘room to grow’.  At the moment it fits just perfectly!

I have had this fabric in my stash for over a year now just waiting to find time to turn it into trousers for Isaac so I am pleased to finally accomplish them.

Design and Images Copyright ©PetitBebe 2012 


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