Bike Basket

I was inspired by something I saw in an email newsletter this morning – a bike basket.  So this afternoon I sat down and created a pattern and gave it a go hoping to finish it off and surprise my 2yr 9m old son when I picked him up from day-care.  Suffice to say he was wrapped, although he did explain to me that it wasn’t his birthday.  True little man but Mummy made you a present anyway:-)

This bike basket is made to fit on a balance bike (as displayed) and will hold any number of small trinkets. My son declared he was off to the park (yes Sir) and put his beloved ‘Bummy’ and sunglasses in it.

The basket fastens onto the handle bars with fabric ties.  The front and back panels are lined with needle punch wadding to help hold its shape.  Needle punch wadding is very firm so won’t shift. The lip of the basket has boning across it to also help keep it’s shape and serves to hold the basket open. There is a removable base inside which is made from a recycled ice-cream lid cut to shape and encased in matching fabric. This provides a firm base for items in the basket so that it won’t sag.

The height of the bag is perfectly suited to a balance bike as it sits just above the front bike wheel guard reducing stress on the ties should heavy items be carried in the basket.

So this afternoon we took the bike to the park and I got some good pics of it.  The basket was a winner and I am pretty pleased with the end result as is my little man.

I have now listed this pattern for sale on  You can purchase it here. If you would like to buy an already made basket please follow my link below to my website:-)

Design and Image Copyright ©PetitBebe 2012


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