Key Tips for Increasing Sales at Craft Markets

I belong to a group on Facebook that shares tips and tricks on all sorts of things crafty and business related.  One of our members, Gillian Jackson of JacBerCreations, went to a talk from the Underground Market organisers recently and noted down the following key tips for those of us attending markets wanting to increase our sales and has kindly allowed me to share them on my blog.

Key Tips for Increasing Sales at Craft Markets
  1. Lighting – make sure your stuff can be seen, fairy lights are great to attract people
  2. Greet every customer – engage everyone
  3. EFTPOS helps increase sales by 30 – 50%
  4. Have a sales target for the day/week/month
  5. Don’t do ‘Sales’ – end of lines are okay, as are buy 1 get a discount on the next
  6. Make sure you have a way for them to contact you afterwards – and make sure that your card says what it is that you do
  7. Use height to show off your product
  8. Use uniformity (e.g. all the same hangers if you use them for clothes)
  9. Match your brand – dress like you want your things to come across – you sell your product, integrate your brand
  10. If you have small items make more space around them to make them stand out – or group things together

I am definitely going to make sure I study this list and make any changes I can. 


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