Matching Mummy and daughter bags

A friend of mine’s daughter is turning two this month and we are both a little bit crafty so I thought I would make a gift and what better than a matching bag set for Mother and Daughter?

I used at total of 60cm of fabric to make both of these bags.  The large bag is a reversible bag pattern from here and the little bag is a scrappy clutch pattern from here. I added some elasticated pockets to the sides of the bag inside and out for all those bits and pieces Mums need to carry about and find in a hurry!

I only just managed to squeeze the scrappy clutch out of the leftover fabric from the reversible bag by changing the measurements required a little. The clutch is also lined with matching chocolate dot fabric and the outer fabric has interfacing for stability. I used an 8 inch zipper and the clutch is a lovely size.

I am looking forward to giving these gifts and seeing happy faces:-) 


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