Terrible mother moment

Miss Rosie was very upset this morning and nothing I did would settle her (fed, winded, changed, fed again etc) and I had an appointment with a massage therapist (bliss I know or it should have been) at 11am which I planned to take Miss Rosie to as she would normally be asleep. So I put her in the car and we got to the appointment and she was still unhappy so I thought perhaps she just wants some more milk?

Picture me on the table face up with a baby on my boob whilst the massage therapist started at my feet.  She got to the top of one leg before Miss Rosie did a loud bum burp and required a new nappy.  So I got off the table and changed her and got back on, switched boobs and the therapist did my other leg.  When I turned over, Miss Rosie started screaming again so I thought she must have wind.  So now I was face down on the table with a baby perched over my shoulder whilst I patted her on the back with one hand and the massage therapist attended to my other arm. Not as relaxing as I had imagined.

Anyway, the massage continued until I thought Miss Rosie had settled and I put her back into her capsule with only 7 mins to go.  She was quiet but not settled and with 1 min to go let out a howling scream again so I just got up, got dressed and drove home less relaxed than when I went in.

My Mum is with us at the moment so I passed her to Mum and went upstairs to sort a couple of things out when I heard Miss Rosie wailing again and Mum came rushing to me and asked if I could see anything wrong with her foot.  My blood ran cold when I saw her toe was nearly purple and one of my head hairs was wrapped tightly round her toe. I panicked and tried desperately to remove it but I was all fingers and thumbs.

Eventually I got it off her and examined the toe to realise it had cut in deeply so I rushed off to the Dr’s and explained the problem. We waited over half an hour with her screaming a blood curdling scream to be seen by the Dr who said the only pain relief he could offer was Pamol.  He examined the toe and said it was oozing fluid and was indeed a flesh wound.  He prescribed some antibiotic cream and sent us on our way.

I am so terribly sorry that my poor little baby was in such pain and I was totally unaware.  I just can’t forgive myself – not yet anyway.


One thought on “Terrible mother moment

  1. Ohhh you couldn’t have known. I could list off for you all the times my boys have had something happen to them indirectly it being my doing…like the time i closed the car door on Master W’s fingers- lets just say I was crying blubbering mess!


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