BOWtiful Doll’s Knickers

My latest craze is making doll’s knickers for little ladies (and gents if they are so inclined) to dress and undress their dollies & teddies with.

I have a much loved Cabbage Patch doll that I used as my muse and created 5 drafts before reaching a final pattern that, in my opinion, is perfecto!

Shirred around the legs and the waist these doll’s knickers are designed to fit around an 18″ doll/teddy. However, I found that anywhere from 16″ – 20″ was ok.  I designed my pattern to accommodate an actual bum on the doll/teddy concerned and shaped the leg/crotch intercept so that it sits nicely with no bunching. I used all types of knit and some worked well, others not so well so it really is trial and error with how well each type of knit will shirr. As a general rule, the thicker the knit the less it will ‘shrink’ when shirred.  Ideally you want it to ‘shrink’ a lot as this is what allows the knickers to fit a wider range of doll/teddy sizes. And yes, those are raw edges.  The good news? Knit doesn’t fray so no need to finish the edges – raw is all good.

Adorned with a beautiful handmade bow to make it easy for the dresser to tell front from back, these doll’s knickers are super cute and savvy.

Design and Images Copyright ©PetitBebe 2012


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