Premature Baby Gowns

I am sewing some baby gowns for the organisation ‘Early Buds‘ to distribute with their information packs to parents of premature babies.

This lot are from bits and pieces of fabrics I already had but today I was in Spotlight (I know – not a good idea if you want to keep money in your account) and bought up a heap (17m – eek!) of soft cotton fabrics perfect for more prem baby gowns.  However, the money I spent wasn’t actually mine (thanks Mum) and I need to pay her back.  I am thinking that I might try something a bit different in terms of raising money and ask anyone and everyone to donate $3 to my account to help fund the cost of the materials for one gown and I will make the gowns up and put a note to the effect of ‘made with the help of Mary Poppins’ (or whatever your name may be) on the tag of each  gown so you can be a part of the giving to this awesome cause.  I can provide the sewing skills and each of you can help provide the funds for the fabrics.

What do you all think?  Is this a winning idea?

If you are keen to assist, please deposit $3, or multiples thereof, into the following account and leave me a comment below to let me know you have done so. If you do not leave a comment I cannot contact you. Once the money has been received I will add your name on the tag as the sponsor and list it on my website sponsors page. I will also regularly post photos of donated gowns to my Facebook page.

Please note that you are providing your details and your donation directly to me (Vicki Stoner) of PetitBebe.  I will then use your money to purchase fabric and other related items (such as postage bags) to enable the gowns to be made and delivered.

As these gowns are sewn in batches, there may be a short period of time between when your donations are received and your name is added to a gown. If you do not receive an email from me to let you know that there will be a delay please do not hesitate to contact me directly at to follow up with me:-)

Account Details: 03-1392-0014448-000 PetitBebe

Vicki Stoner


17 thoughts on “Premature Baby Gowns

  1. Hi Vicki, I’ve just deposited some funds for four gowns into the bank account. Thanks so much for all the effort you are putting in to help out of littlest ones.


  2. Hi Vicki
    Two of my five grandies were premies, congratulations on your idea and all the love you are putting the way of the littlest ones by way of your gowns, I am about to pop a deposit into the bank account for 7 gowns, ‘Made Possible by Journey and Bailey’ please.


  3. This is fantastic! I will put money in after my next payday and also promote you to my friends/family to help too! I’ll let you know when the money is in.


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