366 Project

I am going to join in with a bunch of other people in 2013 to document the year through a series of images with one taken each day of the year. This year (2012) it was done by someone I follow called Documenting Delight and it being a leap year – called the 366 project. Of course 2013 is not a leap year and will only have 365 days but I think I will take an extra image to sum up the whole year so I can still call it the 366 project – simply because I think it sounds better:-)

If you would like to take a look at the one I have been following you can find it here and here.

In light of my intentions here is a pic to get started:-)

Holly's mucky dinner face

The idea of using a spoon and fork are well ‘below’ my Holly.  She will do it her way and that is that.

Vicki x


4 thoughts on “366 Project

  1. How’s your 366 project going? I did it the last two years and decided to take a break this year. I took a photo of my daughter every day (1 month old – 25 months) and it was incredible seeing how much she grew 🙂


  2. Love this idea! My informal news years resolution was to take more photos, this kind of thing would help me along. 🙂


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