Premature Baby Gowns, it’s been a while…

I haven’t blogged for a while now and what better way to come back to it than by sharing the charity work I am involved with ♥.

Along with a bunch of other fantastic ladies, I have been sewing tiny little gowns for premature babies. The gowns once sewn are sent to the charity Early Buds where they are added to a pack of other goodies and sent out to new preemie parents at hospitals nationwide.Cat in the Hat Premature Baby Gown

Whilst sewing these little gowns I thought to myself, how can I help out the parents of the really early ones too tiny to wear a gown? The result of my musing is a bunch of cheerfully patterned sleep masks. I figured it must be pretty hard to get any kip in the NICU especially with the lights and noises going 24/7 not to mention the natural worry that a new preemie parent faces.

Sleep Masks for NICU Parents Premature Babies

If you would also like to help you can visit the Early Buds “Support Us” page where you can find many ways to help and support the charity.

Prem Baby Gowns Fabrics Donated by Pineapple Designs

Alternatively you could sponsor the gowns I make. Each of these gowns cost $3 in materials to make. I can provide the sewing skills and each of you can help provide the funds for the fabrics, Velcro and postage.  If you would like to be a part of the giving to this awesome cause please donate $3 (or multiples thereof) to the following account:

03-1392-0014448-000 Prem Baby Gown Fund

In return for your donation I will add your name to each gown you sponsor. You can view a list of all sponsors here.  If you would like your donation to be anonymous please let me know.

If you would like to donate please leave a comment below:-)

Premature Baby Hospital Gown


13 thoughts on “Premature Baby Gowns, it’s been a while…

  1. This is a great thing you are doing! my babies weren’t tiny dots, but I understand it is very difficult to find suitable clothing for very small babies, especially when they are in intensive care. More power to you!


  2. I think what you are doing is absolutely wonderful. So nice to be able to dress your tiny babys in clothes that DO fit them. The sleep masks are a great idea too


  3. Awesome! Such an amazing job Early Buds is doing…with fabulous support from generous peeps like yourself! Are you still doing some – I’ve been meaning to donate some $$ to help you if you are – or I’ll get my act into gear & check with Early Buds directly :o)


  4. I think it great when people help out these tiny babies, I live in south Australia and I help out flinders NNU by making quilts and also clothes I really enjoy making and donating these items, I also have a page on Facebook called butts on bikes for prems where we are currently trying to raise money for the unit, so if any one would like to check it out that would be great thanks kylie


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