Shirt Pants – Work Shirt Refashion

I was just reading another blog post over at Prudent Baby “Shirt Sleeves into Toddler Harem Pants” which reminded me of my work shirt refashion I did back in November last year (2012). So I thought I would also blog about it so others can see what I did.

I really love these pants and am gutted my little girl has grown out of them but also totally excited that I came across the Prudent Baby blog post as I now have a new version to try!

Shirt Pants

Materials needed:

  • Adult long sleeved work shirt (I actually cut the sleeves off a new shirt as Dad wanted a s/s shirt not a l/s one but couldn’t find any s/s ones in the shop so asked me to alter it for him – score!)
  • Sewing supplies in general
  • Knit of some sort for the waistband and butt patch (I just used some scraps from some leggings I made another time)

I cut the sleeves off at the length Dad wanted his s/s to be so I was working with what I had rather than working out how long I actually needed them to be. I was lucky that Rosie was only a few months old so they were just perfect.

Then I cut out some “scoop” shapes (is that a technical term?) so that I could insert the butt patch I wanted to include. Please note that I cut the scoop out of the front AND the back as I was after a narrow front and big butt. The size of the butt patch was a guesstimate and turned out just perfect.

So I sewed one side of the butt patch to one side of each of the “legs” (formerly arms) and top-stitched from the right side. Then I sewed the remaining front edges together to finish the body of the trousers. I then cut out a strip of the same knit to make a waistband and folded it WST and sewed it to the top edge of the trousers, stretching it as I went.

 I added my label (of course).

Then tried it on my baby!

Who can resist such a cute booty?



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