Baby Gusset Leggings

I love bright, bold, contrasting colours and designs so there is nothing more appealing to me than a pair of red and white striped baby leggings offset nicely with a black bum gusset.

Gusset Pants for Rosie

These leggings are a pattern from Brindille and Twigg that I purchased yesterday and are a quick and easy sew. The rise at the back is adequate to accommodate a disposable nappy/diaper but I would guess it might not fit a cloth nappy/diaper as well. I would suggest adding additional rise if you are making these for a cloth bottomed baby.

Gusset Pants on Rosie 1

They fit Rosie perfectly and I think she looks pretty swish!

Gusset Pants on Rosie 2 edit

I will definitely be making a handful more of these as well as some baby yoga pants (the other pattern I got yesterday too).

EDIT: Here is the second pair of baby gusset leggings, this time in Navy/White stripes! So cute!

NavyWhite & Pink Gusset Pants for Rosie 1Can’t beat a pretty pink gusset:-)

NavyWhite & Pink Gusset Pants for Rosie 2

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