Stroller Liners

With our upcoming departure for the UK, we have been preparing all our lists of things to do and things to pack. One of those was a stroller. We are travelling with 3 kids aged 3, 2 and 1 so contemplated taking our mahoosive mountain buggy but instead settled on 2 umbrella strollers. By chance I got an email from somewhere having a clearance and we got 2 for only $30 each. They were less than half price! So the issue that immediately arose was “that’s mine!” every time my 2 yr old saw either of the strollers. Heaven help the 1 yr old if it was actually hers.

So in order to easily identify who’s was indeed who’s (because the strap lengths etc are all different between the two littlies) I made some stroller liners.

I have to admit that I am not enthusiastic about bias binding but I figured the tutorial I looked at made it look easy enough so I would give it a go. Well, even though it is called the ‘no swear’ method, I swore something terrible. My finished result will definitely do the job but it is not pretty! I even still managed to miss some bits on the back side.

The finished liners now sit in the girls’ respective strollers and there are no more arguments of who’s is who’s.

Now we just need to survive the 24 hour flight tomorrow!


Rosie is very happy with her one:-)


Holly’s one is made with the same fabric to match her hanging basket which I have tied to the back.


It collapses easily with both liner and basket attached.

I did also have the idea of making some drawstring bags to put them in for when they get stored in the hold but time has got away from me so we will just have to chance it.

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