Knitting as hand therapy – Mug Hug

This week’s hand therapy knitting project has been a mug hug. I saw the pattern for it in the magazine Homemaker (I picked it up when I was in the UK in August).

Mug Hug

So, after a couple of You Tube videos and a lot of knitting, I ended up with a cheery sunshine yellow mug hug. 
I did need to You Tube the stitches as I am just not a knitter and even pulled it all apart and restarted after I managed to muck it up around 4 rows in. I just couldn’t work out what I had done wrong or how to fix it.

The pattern called for buttons but Mum suggested googly eyes instead which I think look awesome.

Mug Hug

I am now excitedly looking forward to my Chai Latte in the morning so I can try out my mug hug:-)

©PetitBebe 2011 – 2013


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