The Karate Kid Costume for my biggest customer yet – my husband!

My husband has his work Christmas Party tonight. The theme is the 80’s and seeing his name is Daniel and the Karate Kid is called Daniel, he figured that was a good reason.

He asked me to sort him out a Karate Kid costume (you all know I make kids clothes not big kids clothes lol) so I gave it a go without much clue as to what I was really doing.

To start with I traced around a pair of his jeans, one of his long sleeved shirts and winged it from there. I originally searched the net for PDF patterns but only found paper ones and I needed it NOW not next week!

I added a 1cm seam allowance to all of the patterns I traced and then began to tinker with the pieces.

I ended up with 3 pieces for the wrap top and 2 pieces for the pants (plus a waistband I added at the end as the rise was too short to add elastic and fold over – but if I ever have need to make this costume again I would increase the rise on the pants pieces to accommodate that).

I think the armscye could have been about an inch higher but I was erring on the roomier side in case it didn’t fit and hubby was at work so not available for live testing.

The wrap top fitted well (apart from the armscye being a little low) so finished that up with a facing all along the edge of the top (similar to the pics of the Karate Kid I could find on the net).


When he tried on the pants they were HUGE so I cut them down to no seam allowance and re-sewed them. Perfect fit this time!


I made him a black belt to go with it using this site as a guide on how long it should be and this site on how to tie it properly.


So I then began the hunt for a picture of the Karate Kid’s headband. Found another blog who posted a link to the Okinawan flower. I used my Silhouette to trace the pic and convert it to a cut file. I used some black HTV and viola, a pretty good looking headband! I just used a black sharpie to make the dots. I spaced them about 1 cm apart in rows.

Okinawan Flower HeadbandThese are some of the moves he is going to pull out on the dance floor later this evening


I just hope he doesn’t bust a seam!


I personally think his pants are too tight but he likes them that way:-)


Catching flies trick.


This pic shows the top gaping at the crossover point – so late last night I hand sewed on some clear nylon snaps at 2 strategically determined points to hold the wrap top in place. A real  karate uniform is made from much heavier, sturdier fabric unlike this one made from very lightweight polycotton. Hubby didn’t want to spend heaps on the costume and this stuff was on special! I estimate it took around 5m to make this for him.

©PetitBebe 2011 – 2013


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