Little Cases

I am now 25 weeks along with baby number 4 and still suffering (projectile) pregnancy sickness so sewing is not a frequent occurrence for me at the moment.

However, hubby has requested some ‘little cases’ for his gadgets – one for his fancy new phone and one for his portable HD with all his TV shows on it.

HD Case and Samsung Note Case Orton

Some time ago I ordered a bunch of new labels for any items I made for adults as the general Joe public probably wouldn’t be über keen on carrying an item around with PetitBebe on it when they are not, in fact, a ‘little baby’ – lol.

MAN Made Label Circle Shape Cutout

I did contemplate Woman Made but settled for MAN Made since I am comfortable with human kind being collectively known as MAN:-)

Samsung Note Case Orton

Little case number 1 was a prototype and in usual fashion the second one I made was MUCH better! I hope you can excuse the hand sewn label. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to place it until I had finished the case and ended up hand sewing it on since I couldn’t get the case back on the machine. I am acutely aware of how pukacky (my own made up word) it looks but I am ok with that:-) Hubby didn’t even notice and is happy.

HD Case Orton

©PetitBebe 2014



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