Knitting as Therapy

I have recently read research indicating that creative arts such as painting, drawing, sewing, knitting, crocheting etc are considered meditative and create a desired state of calm in the practicing individual.

I began knitting a few years ago because it was suggested by my orthopedic surgeon to help my physical recovery from my tenosynovectomy and I did also find it soothing.

I have been suffering lately with “mixed moods” and I find knitting (and sewing) to be essential in keeping me from imploding.

I found a few knitting patterns for Christmas themed decorations that I am working my way through. I enjoy small projects and the sense of accomplishment from finishing each one.

As a parent of 4 children ranging from 5 years to 4 months, I rarely finish doing anything as I am always distracted mid something because someone needs me. Washing has been known to sit on the clothes horse for weeks due to neglect.

These are the ones I have finished so far. The link to each pattern is embedded in the image. The Christmas Candy pattern is a paid pattern but the others are free.

Knitted Christmas Candy Red Knitted Mini Christmas Santa Hat Knitted Christmas MittensKnitted Christmas Tree

You can probably tell my Santa Hat isn’t quite like the pattern dictates and that is because I didn’t read it properly and accidentally omitted a knit row in-between each decrease row. So I ended up with a pointy hat instead of a floppy one;-)


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