Meet the Bock Bocks

Our (very expensive) chickens have arrived! I wanted slightly fancy chickens and just happened to find these heritage breed lovelies on TradeMe and was in love. They weren’t that expensive each but once I shipped them down from Whangerei, bought a coup and all the related chicken paraphernalia it added up to over $1K. Hubby said he doesn’t think we will ever eat $1000 worth of eggs but hey they are pets and I think they are very pretty to look at! Apparently they will lay mint green eggs and I can’t wait.

The Chicken Coup

Patty and Henrietta

According to the seller, these girls are all heavy breed hens with a Frizzle father. They all have the same father but could have been laid by any of her heavy breed hens. The two in the picture you can see have amazingly pretty feather colouring and are quite fluffy. These chickens are quite young still so rather scraggly in appearance but are going to be stunners!

Henrietta and Patty

The two in the picture (Henrietta and Patty) are quite friendly and enjoy our chats but Nugget is rather shy and hides whenever I (or our two little dogs) approach the coup. I am hoping she too becomes friendly (haven’t yet been able to get a picture of her as she disappears in a flash).


At the moment we are moving the coup around the lawn so the The Bock Bocks have fresh pickings each day and topping them up with fresh weeds at night but my Dad and I are planning on making a 1.8 m high run measuring 5 m long by 3.5 m wide. Stand by for an update once it is completed.


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