The Belligerent Burp


As I hold my squirming 9 month old whilst he feeds, I can’t help but notice the large amount of wind now causing him a problem in his only half full of milk tummy. He has a tongue tie which was revised when he was 3 months old yet he still feeds terribly.

As he bobs on and off and whinges and carries on I try to jiggle, and bounce, pat and rock to coax that belligerent bubble out! All to no avail so he is now asleep in his bed with a tummy full of air and when that bubble does finally burst I expect I shall be loudly summonsed to his sleeping chamber to provide a refill.

No wonder he only ever sleeps short spells at a time. The longest he has gone is 3 hours and he is well into his solids in the daytime. He is just a terrible feeder. He is keen to feed and is positioned optimally to slow down milk flow at let down and speed it up when let down stops. We feed in a boring place and yet he still fills up half his tummy with air. He sees a CST chiropractor weekly and is making great progress but the belligerent burp remains!


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