Free Pattern: Classic Flat Front Handkerchief Bib

Because I love babies and because I love free stuff I am releasing my favourite bib pattern for free! The Classic Flat Front Handkerchief Bib fits a wide age range, NB to 6+ yrs approx, which makes it an extremely versatile pattern and handy for those of us with bigger kids still in need of a bit of “neck couture”.

Featuring 4 size adjustments and a perfectly flat body contour this bib is perfect for catching drool and food messes. Photos only show 2 size options as I chose not to add the second snap to the other side since bub is no longer a newborn:-)

The best part is this pattern includes two – yes TWO – tip options for those of you who like to vary your style. The pattern includes pointed tip and a rounded tip options. You choose.

Pointed Tip

2015-07-20 12.51.27 Clear Cut

Rounded Tip

2015-07-20 12.51.52 Clear Cut


SIZE: NB to 6+yrs approx

8. PetitBebe Classic Flat Front Handkerchief Bib NB – 6+yrs approx



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